"The leaves on the trees are falling"

I find that this time of year makes us confront change head on!

The trees are shedding their leaves and the clocks change, the days become shorter and we really notice change happening before our eyes. 

This can be both hopeful and difficult. For some, this change resembles difficulties passed and new beginnings, whereas for others this time of year represents loss. 

Children also experience this change, no longer able to play outside as it's dark and it's harder to get up in the morning when the clocks change. 

However we feel at this time of year, talking about change is important. Exploring what you want to hold on to and what you want to change is important throughout our lives, whether that be people, things or behaviours. 

I work with adults and children and help them embrace the changes in their lives, whether that be loss, separation, a major move or a change of direction. 

My focus this month is loss and what this means to each of us. 

My training on Attachment & Trauma considers loss and the effects on children and adults throughout life. 

Loss is often the source and root of anxiety and I address this in both my work and my trainings. 

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