Love...what does it mean?

Today is Valentines Day, I wonder what you feel about this national event? Do you feel it is a commercialised marketing opportunity or do you like the sentiment of it?

On days like this my thoughts turn to self, what does loving the self mean and can we do it? There is a well known phrase "You can't love another until you love yourself" I think this is true.

Why is it that we find self compassion difficult? We are of course products of our history, our conditioning our environments and our relationships. From an early age we assess each of these elements to form our self concept or view of ourselves.

My hope for adults and children whether in therapy or not is that we can foster self love and compassion. Think about what you love about you, your strengths, your challenges and how you have travelled through them.

Forget the commercial aspect of Valentines Day and instead see your own worth.