World Thinking Day...

February 22nd is World Thinking Day. Celebrated since 1926, World Thinking Day is a day of international friendship, speaking out on issues that affect girls and young women, and fundraising for 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world.

It got me thinking about issues that affect girls and young women and especially the effects of social media on body image. 

So many young girls now are measuring their self worth by how many "likes" they get on Instagram or Facebook. Alongside this we have the digital age of image modification, creating unrealistic images to live up to around physical appearance.

I recently shared the images below of Stacey Solomon's campaign to raise awareness to young women about digital modifications.

As parents we must explain this with our daughters and build their esteem on many things that are not focused on looks. We may be fire fighting but we must keep educating our children about this and building their self worth around all aspects of self, not just physical appearance!