Talking Mental Health....

Circle are always encouraging children and adults to talk about their mental health. Campaigns recently, including Time To Talk and Heads Together are campaigning to get more people talking.

Where do we talk though?

Is it to the parent next to us in the school playground? Our colleague at the next desk? Our boss? Our partner?

Sometimes all these options have barriers, barriers around a fear of rejection or judgement. My belief is that we want to talk about our mental health but we feel afraid to do so. One of the most common phrases I hear in my work is "I wish I'd known all this sooner!"

We wait until we feel dreadful before visiting a GP or contacting a counsellor. 

For this very reason during March, Circle will be starting conversations with you about mental health. We will be covering topics like anxiety and how to manage it, depression and when to seek help and many more areas of emotional functioning. We want to get people talking, sharing and asking questions. Follow our Facebook page to join the conversation.