Summer Days!

Hello everyone,

I wonder how your summer has been? Here at circle we have been working on several new service offers and ideas for the new school term! Watch this space over the coming months!

At this time of year it can be hard to return to work after holidays and breaks. Clients often express their difficulties around re-engaging in work and coping with demands after a nice holiday or a quieter period.

I feel that boundaries are so important when it comes to holidays and breaks, we all need to re-charge and setting clear boundaries around this is so important for your mental and physical health.

Here are some tips for becoming more boundaried and less stressed!

1. STOP checking your phone!

Constant checking of your phone is proven to increase anxiety levels and also takes you away from the present moment. If possible, try to turn your work email off during your holiday and don't get caught in the trap of responding to work matters when it is supposed to be a break!

2. Schedule some fun things for the first week or two back at work. Having something to look forward to really helps us to counteract stress. Book to see a good friend or treat yourself to a treatment or some exercise.

3. Be boundaried on the weekend or your days off, try to leave work at work and allow yourself the time you deserve to rejuvenate on your days off. Thinking about work will not gain you any more control than you already have! It will all still be there to action and deal with on your return.

With the summer moving swiftly towards autumn, I look forward to helping you all to find balance and set your goals for the coming months.

Be kind to yourself.