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Media Work

Gayle contributes to BBC Three Counties Radio as their resident mental health expert. As an experienced Psychotherapist, Gayle  can discuss a vast variety of psychological areas ranging from relationships to parenting and behaviour in children and adults. As a practising therapist with adults and children, Gayle has broad experience to offer an expert opinion on relationships, families, parenting, trauma and attachments. 

Parenting Expert

Gayle has helped hundreds of families with parenting challenges. Having worked closely in child, couples and family therapy, Gayle knows what works in terms of effective parenting. As a regular trainer in attachment and relationships, Gayle offers her expertise in this area to both the press, radio and other media. Gayle can talk about child and adult mental health, behavioural issues, loss, parental separation, child developmental areas, parent relationships, family dynamics and many more areas of human connection. 


As an experienced relationship therapist, Gayle can offer an expert opinion on relationships whether that is couples, child to parent relationships or work relationships. Family therapy is also a large part of Gayle's practice so she can offer expertise in the area of family dynamics. 

Work relationships and dynamics are something Gayle has worked with in companies and organisations in order to improve productivity and co-operation in the workplace to achieve company objectives.